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Doctors at Lotus Diagnostic Centre


Varun Agarwal

Updated on 23 Nov, 2023
Health check-up

Lotus Diagnostic Centre has a team of 50+ medical experts practicing at our facilities. Our doctors range across 25+ specialities including gynaecology, general medicine, cardiology, pulmonology etc. They are truly the best in their field in Bangalore. Read more to find out about the deep expertise of our medical team.


Gynaecology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions related to the female reproductive system. The gynaecologists at Lotus have decades of experience in their field and are some of the best doctors in Bangalore for women.

Some of our doctors include-

  1. Dr. Hema Sachidananda
  2. Dr. Prema Koujalgi
  3. Dr. Prabha Nambiar


Lotus Diagnostic Centre has one of the best cardiology OPD’s in Bangalore, delivering cardiac care in an affordable way. We offer medical consulting for heart diseases such as cardiac arrhythmias, aneurysm and & heart failure symptoms.

Some of our doctors in this field include-

  1. Dr. KS Subramani


Our Pulmonology OPD offers expert medical advice for diseases involving the respiratory tract. These include common diseases/ conditions such as Bronchial Asthma, COPD, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, ILD etc.

Some of our doctors in this field include-

  1. Dr. Isaac Mathew

General Medicine

Our General Medicine OPD provides consultation, diagnosis, and treatment for health-related issues in adults across a broad span of ailments. Our healthcare experts are some of the best doctors in Bangalore.

Some of our doctors in this field include-

  1. Dr. Umesh Akki

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