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    From our happy customers

    Been coming here for years and have never had a bad experience. The nurses and doctors
    here are really friendly and very understanding which is good when you’re all tensed about
    your test/scan

    Teresa Vellara

    I had come to Lotus indiranagar for routine checkups and for scanning, the place was very neat and clean. The scan doctor was good and explained my reports very clearly. All the staffs was also very polite and helpful for my needs. It was pleasure to come to lotus.Thank you to all.

    Raji Dheeksha

    Found the staff to be very knowledgeable and helpful. The doctor who scanned my wife
    was very competent and kind

    Sharan D'Souza

    I was anxious about going to a scan center for my early pregnancy scan. But, at lotus Indira nagar, the staffs, the protocols followed for COVID made me feel safe and relaxed. Grateful.


    We had been to Lotus diagnostic center at Indira Nagar for a family health checkup. The staffs patiently explained the best plan for us. Overall, it was worth the money spent. I would recommend Lotus to my friends!

    Jack Kumar

    All the simple test procedures, right from assessment of health history to the actual physical exam and blood tests, every step was done with precision and quality. Thanks to the Indira Nagar team for giving my medical reports at the earliest!

    Vinoth Visva

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    Doctors at Lotus Diagnostic Centre

    Doctors at Lotus Diagnostic Centre

    Lotus Diagnostic Centre has a team of 50+ medical experts practicing at our facilities. Our doctors range across 25+ specialities including gynaecology, general medicine, cardiology, pulmonology etc. They are truly the best in their field in Bangalore. Read more to...

    Know More About The Best Diagnostic Centre Bangalore

    Health is one of the most valuable forms of wealth. Several services focus on ensuring the best health - hospitals, health care centres, fitness centres, diagnostic centres, yoga, and meditation centres. Regarding diagnostic centres, Lotus Diagnostic stands out as the best diagnostic centre Bangalore for a full body checkup, equipped with advanced technology, providing end-to-end solutions like imaging, testing and consultations here.

    Blood Tests from Lotus Diagnostic

    Lotus Diagnostic is the best blood tests lab in the India. There are several reasons for visiting it, including the following:

    • To check for various medical conditions
      Blood tests are an easy, fast, minimally intrusive, and generally accurate way of getting diagnosed for several medical conditions, including anaemia, diabetes, liver and kidney disease, thyroid problems, and many more. Blood tests are particularly effective at detecting infections of all sorts, including HIV, hepatitis, and Lyme disease. Many such health conditions may not have noticeable symptoms. Lotus Diagnostic is one of the reputed blood tests labs in Bangalore where you can get the tests done for all these medical conditions.
    • To monitor a known chronic or medical condition
      It is not only about finding out whether you have a medical condition, but it is also a great way of checking the health status of people with a known chronic medical condition. Lotus Diagnostic is the best blood tests lab in Bangalore if you have a medical condition.
    • To assess overall health
      Blood tests are also a good way of checking on the health of a person, even if they are generally in good health conditions. For example, you may learn in advance about high cholesterol levels.
    • To prepare for surgery
      Often blood tests are required before many surgical procedures as the doctors must ensure that the person is healthy enough before they undergo the procedure. It can also serve as a warning to the surgical team to plan for any potential complications.
      Of course, to get the best benefits of a blood test, you must pick your blood tests lab carefully. Lotus Diagnostic is the best blood tests lab in Bangalore; it brings you highly accurate and fast blood test reports.

    Diabetes Tests from Lotus Diagnostic

    Diabetes is one of the worst banes of modern lifestyle. As the availability of carbohydrates has increased enormously all over the globe, more and more people are developing type-2 diabetes. Unlike type-2 diabetes, type-1 diabetes is almost always a result of bad lifestyles. What's more, it can often be prevented. Getting a diabetes test can be excellent not only for people with diabetes but also people who might be suspectable to it due to the following reasons:

    • Screening for diabetes
      You may want to conduct diabetes tests for screening individuals who may have diabetes and not only diabetes but also people who may have prediabetes. Diabetes, as you might know, refers to a medical condition where blood glucose levels are dangerously high. Prediabetes is a medical condition where diabetes levels, though not dangerously high (high enough to be considered diabetes), are higher than the normal range. People with prediabetes are at a higher risk for developing diabetes. The same is also true for people with a family history of the condition or obesity, among other medical conditions. Every such person is advised to go for a diabetes test regularly. People with prediabetes can adopt a healthier lifestyle to avoid developing complications.
    • Diagnosis of diabetes
      Even if you are showing other symptoms like increased thirst, frequent urination action, inexplicable blood loss, etc., you will need a diabetes test to ensure the results.
    • Monitoring health conditions for people with diabetes
      A diabetes test may also be essential for people known to have diabetes so that a treatment plan could be created for them, or an existing treatment plan could be adjusted according to the changes in glucose levels observed in tests. According to the test results, the physician may recommend changes in diet.
    • Prevention of complications
      Diabetes, though bad, in itself is unfortunately often the precursor of several medical complications, including nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage, etc. A timely diabetes test can help you prevent any such complications.
      Whether you need a lab that helps you manage your diabetes or want to find out if you have it in the first place, Lotus Diagnostic is the best place to get a diabetes test.

    Other Tests

    Apart from diabetes and blood tests, there are also several other types of tests - ECG, Liver tests, tests for vitamins like vitamin D, blood urea, thyroid profile, etc. All these tests are available at Lotus Diagnostic. It is essential to conduct all these tests at NABL accredited diagnostic labs. Lotus Diagnostic is one such lab. If you need multiple tests, then you can also try out packages.

    Advantages of Choosing Lotus Diagnostic

    It is crucial to choose only the best diagnostic centre Bangalore as only the best centres can ensure that the results will be of the highest quality and there will be minimal test errors. Avoiding test errors can help catch diseases or medical problems in time before they worsen.

    Lotus Diagnostic is the best diagnostic centre Bangalore for all types of tests. The following are some of the advantages of choosing us for your diagnostic tests:

    • Accurate results
      When it comes to diagnostics, the first and most important thing is the accuracy of the results. The inaccuracy in results can be costly both financially and health-wise. That is why Lotus Diagnostic does everything possible to ensure that we provide our customers with the highest accuracy and quality results.
    • End-to-end solution
      Often people have to go to several diagnostic centres, but that will be fine when you do your tests with us. As the best diagnostic centre Bangalore, we can be your one-stop solution for all types of tests and not only tests but also for imaging, consultation with doctors, etc.
    • Always get your reports on time
      Time is a crucial element when it comes to diagnostic tests. As premier NABL accredited diagnostic labs, Lotus Diagnostic is agile and fast. Thus, we ensure expediency in getting the test results for you like ultrasounds scan, nt scan etc. You can quickly get your reports online the very same day at our website faster than any other lab.
    • Personalized approach
      At Lotus Diagnostic, we value every one of our customers and like to take an approach customized to the needs of each patient.
    • Quality assurance
      NABL is an acronym that is short for National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, the union government authority responsible for providing accreditation to diagnostic institutes if the quality of their tests is up to stand quality. We are the best among the NABL accredited diagnostic labs.
      Needless to say, NABL accredited diagnostic labs are better than alternatives, but we are far superior to most NABL accredited diagnostic labs in the country.
    • Budget-friendly
      Despite being the best diagnostic centre Bangalore, we charge highly competitive rates from our customers to ensure that our services are availed at prices that most people can afford easily.
    • State-of-art equipment
      Another excellent advantage of going with our NABL accredited diagnostic labs is that our labs provide you with the best state-of-art equipment.
    • Highly trained professionals
      The biggest reason for going for Lotus Diagnostic is that, as the leading NABL accredited diagnostic labs, we are home to a team of highly trained professionals.
    • Trustworthy
      One of the reasons we are considered the best diagnostic centre Bangalore is that we are the most trustworthy brand. We have already earned and maintained the trust of all our customers.

    Given all these advantages, it will hardly surprise anyone that we are the most preferred diagnostic centres in not only Bangalore but the whole country. If you ever need the services of NABL accredited diagnostic labs, get in touch with us.

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