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Includes specialized scans such as fetal scans, transvaginal scans, dopplers, etc.

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Lotus Diagnostic – The Best Ultrasound Scan Centre

Scanning technologies play a crucial role in diagnostics. They refer to the use of specialized electronic diagnostic tools used for retrieving and analysing data from a patient. Using modern technologies and scientific advancements, these technologies create detailed images of the inner structures of human bodies. These images can help doctors identify medical problems in a non-invasive manner. Various scanners use different technologies. For example, ultrasound technologies will be used for the tests if you go to an ultrasound scan centre.

Scans can be used for identifying a wide range of medical conditions, including physical injuries, fractures, abnormalities, etc. A full body x ray, for example, can help you identify any problems with the bones. Scanning is an excellent way of diagnostics while avoiding methods that might be far more invasive, including biopsies and explorative surgeries. Moreover, the process is very automotive, and the chances of errors are minimal.

Types of Tests

  • Ultrasound Scans
    Your doctor might recommend visiting an ultrasound scan centre for several reasons. ‘Ultrasound’ refers to high-frequency sound waves. The scanners use ultrasound waves to create the body’s internal structures. You can use these images to diagnose and monitor several medical conditions like gallstones, liver disease, kidney diseases, and several forms of cancer.
    Most cases at an ultrasound scan centre are related to obstetrics and gynaecology. The test can be used to get images of the child in the womb and lets doctors get an idea of the health, growth, and development of the child.
    Unlike some other tests, tests by an ultrasound scan centre don’t involve exposure to sunlight. Lotus Diagnostic is the best pregnancy scan centre in the city.
  • Pregnancy Scans
    Due to their widespread use for caring the pregnant women, these centres are also called pregnancy scan centre, but pregnancy centres have special scanners.
    You may need to visit the pregnancy scan centre at different times of pregnancy to monitor the development of the foetus and also so that the doctors can forecast the due date for delivery.
    Lotus Diagnostic is the best ultrasound scan centre in the country. People are the best healthcare professionals with expertise in using these machines. Our ultrasound machines are state-of-the-art. There might be some prerequisites for some ultrasound scans - the doctor may require you to fast, for example.
  • Full Body X-Ray
    X-ray images are also called radiographs. A full body x ray is also known as a whole-body radiograph.
    A full body x ray is desirable for several medical conditions, particularly those relating to bones and joints but also other conditions like lung and heart diseases. Even with a known medical condition, these tests can be used to monitor the status of the condition.
    Lotus Diagnostic is the best place to get a full body x ray. We have the best x-ray machines in the city, and we use them to produce precise and accurate images.
    Here, we must observe that x-ray scans mean exposure to sunlight, and thus these tests are generally not done without a recommendation by a doctor.
  • NT Scans
    NT is an abbreviation for Nuchal Translucency. It is a test performed using an ultrasound machine, and much like other ultrasound tests, NT tests are considered entirely safe and don’t involve radiation exposure.
    The NT scan test is done on women during the early weeks of pregnancy - between weeks 11 and 14.
    What the NT scan measures is Nuchal translucency, or the thickness of the skin at the back of the foetus’ neck. It is a critical measure, and though not conclusive in itself, it can help physicians evaluate the risks of specific chromosomal abnormalities, including some congenital diseases like Down syndrome, using it with some other risk factors, including parameters like maternal age, blood test results, etc.
    Here, it must be observed that an NT Scan is a screening test - and the diagnostic it gives is not the final. If the NT shows high-risk factors, your doctors might recommend further tests for the definitive diagnosis.
    Taking an NT can be incredibly helpful in getting a better picture of the foetus. At Lotus Diagnostic, you can take an NT scan test as well as any other tests your doctor might require of you during pregnancy.
  • Mammography Tests
    A mammography test is a type of scanning test for diagnosis which uses low-dose X-rays and has proven incredibly effective for screening breast cancer. The test uses low-dose x-rays to produce images of breast tissue.
    A mammography test might be somewhat uncomfortable for some patients as it might cause some discomfort and pain for the duration of the test, which is a few minutes. Apart from that, the test is harmless and involves minimal exposure to radiation.
    A mammography test is only a screening test, and if the images show signs of breast cancer, then further tests will be taken before reaching the final diagnosis.
    We must also observe that mammography test is not perfect and may miss a few cases while creating some false positives. The choice of equipment used and the experts using it are among the factors affecting the results. That is why you should only go for Lotus Diagnostic for such tests, as we have the best equipment in the industry and employ the best professionals for the purpose.

NABL Accreditation
We are accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, or simply NABL. NABL is the quality accreditation authority for diagnostic centres in India. The certification shows that we give the best service to all our customers.

Lotus Diagnostic for Best Scanning Tests

Lotus Diagnostic offers all these types of tests, including a pregnancy scan centre, full body x ray, mammography test, and ultrasound scan centre. All these tests are conducted by the best experts and on state-of-the-art equipment - the powerful combination also helps us produce highly accurate results. Further, you can collect your reports online through our website.

We can also provide you with other types of medical tests, including tests for blood, urine, diabetes, hypertension, etc. We can thus be your single-stop solution for all diagnostic problems.

It is highly recommended that you take these tests only on the advice of the doctors. Lotus Diagnostic offers the best prices for these scans. Thus, if you need the services of a pregnancy scan centre or any other type, visit Lotus Diagnostic to get accurate and fast results.

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    Been coming here for years and have never had a bad experience. The nurses and doctors
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    Teresa Vellara

    I had come to Lotus indiranagar for routine checkups and for scanning, the place was very neat and clean. The scan doctor was good and explained my reports very clearly. All the staffs was also very polite and helpful for my needs. It was pleasure to come to lotus.Thank you to all.

    Raji Dheeksha

    Found the staff to be very knowledgeable and helpful. The doctor who scanned my wife
    was very competent and kind

    Sharan D'Souza

    I was anxious about going to a scan center for my early pregnancy scan. But, at lotus Indira nagar, the staffs, the protocols followed for COVID made me feel safe and relaxed. Grateful.


    We had been to Lotus diagnostic center at Indira Nagar for a family health checkup. The staffs patiently explained the best plan for us. Overall, it was worth the money spent. I would recommend Lotus to my friends!

    Jack Kumar

    All the simple test procedures, right from assessment of health history to the actual physical exam and blood tests, every step was done with precision and quality. Thanks to the Indira Nagar team for giving my medical reports at the earliest!

    Vinoth Visva

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    It is not advisable to undergo an X-ray if you are pregnant or have missed your period. We recommend that you consult your doctor before doing an X-ray.

    Ultrasounds use sound waves instead of radiation on the patient. They are considered to be safe for pregnant women. We still recommend that you consult your doctor regarding the scan you require.

    Scanning is non-invasive and mostly painless. In some specific scans such as mammograms, you may experience slight discomfort.

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    the early detection of diseases. They can be key in meeting an individual’s health goals by
    identifying habits, infections, behaviors, or underlying conditions that are a threat to good