General Surgery

General Surgery at Lotus Diagnostic Centre 

General Surgery focuses on the anatomy that includes stomach, oesophagus, small bowel, liver, colon, pancreas, bile ducts and gallbladder. It addresses conditions specific to the skin to an extent, breast, soft tissues, trauma/ injuries and hernias.

The specialists at general surgery OPD of Lotus are highly skilled surgeons that operate on common abdominal complaints as appendicitis, hernias, gall bladder surgery etc.

Our surgeons analyze the medical history records of patients and plan the best surgical procedure for treatment taking into account the age, medical condition of the patient. They diagnose the patient’s condition by using suitable radiological and pathological investigations.

Patients are subjected to pre-surgical checks to assess their capability to undergo the procedure.

Why Choose Lotus?

Lotus Diagnostic Centre has an expert panel of doctors with super specialities in concerned speciality. The clinic is equipped with its own diagnostic centre which has state of art equipments. Since we have in-house state of art diagnostic capabilities and lab services which are housed under one roof, our patients experience seamless experience while seeking consultation, getting tests done and availing their treatment protocols.

Consultation Areas in General Surgery OPD

  1. Breast cancer screening
  2. Thyroid problems (Multinodular Goiter, Solitary Thyroid Nodule, Thyromegaly)
  3. Piles, Fissure, Fistula
  4. Hernia In males / females
  5. Varicose veins
  6. Breast infection / lumps / pain
  7. Wounds, dressings, sutures
  8. Infections (Pilonidal Sinus, Nail bed infection, Boils)
  9. Abdominal problems

When Should You Visit a General Surgeon 

Breast Biopsy: is a diagnostic test involving the removal of tissue or cells for examination under a microscope. The procedure is also used to remove abnormal breast tissue. A biopsy may be performed using a hollow needle to extract tissue (needle aspiration), or a lump may be partially or completely removed (lumpectomy) for examination and / or treatment.

Breast cancer screening is done at Lotus. Key procedures offered:

  • Ultrasound
  • Mammogram
  • FNAC
  • Core Biopsy

Our General Surgery Specialists